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Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter Guards, Leaf Guards, whatever they're called, have a very, very.... very bad rep. For good reason, some guards just plain stink. Most are so over-priced, they give bottled water a run for their money, and often, they do more harm than good. Wow, what is there to like? In all honestly there's not a magical guard, BUTT, there is an affordable, effective and sensible option. We have just a couple of guards we like to choose from and recommend. Our go-to is Gutter Rx, and there's also Shurflo, both are similar in style and design. They sit down in the gutter by a fraction of an inch, have perforations big enough to keep water from ramping off of them, overlap at each piece to make one seamless top, are aluminum and non-corrosive just like the gutter material, attach to the front gutter lip with small quarter-inch screws making them easily removable, and you cannot see this guard installed from the ground view. Oh yeah, they are affordable... yes, i said it. The Gutter Rx manufacturer actually stands by a 15-year no clog guarantee, and it also has a ridged design to keep leaves from getting stuck to the tops, therefore much more likely to be blown/washed away by the elements. I know, why would i offer something too good to be true, denying me a future gutter installation or gutter cleaning? Well, in case you haven't already been able to tell, my business model is quite different. 

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