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Roofing Services

Roof Repair

Roof Repair is our second most leading service and for a good reason, we gained traction providing quality roof repairs as this an uncommon service to find as a customer, and one of quality at that. The best part? our #1 goal is to make the repair completely invisible, our warranties generally start at 7 years and often extend to the existing roof life span.

Roof Maintenance

Everyone needs a hero.  This is surely our, or should i say "your" hidden gem...

its too good to be true finding an honest person, whos goal, really is simply to help you out, in the best way possible. Depending on your location, inspections are typically free and are generally automatic if we're already on your roof.  We are building out and capitalizing on this gray area in the industry, a roof maintenance or roof "tune-up" should i say, is very affordable, and is a way to extend your roof life, prevent thousands of dollars in damage, and give you peace of mind. Sealing or replacing flashing, repairing damaged shingles, removing debris and mold or moss are some of what is expected during maintenance.  Photos will be provided upon inspection and suggestions and options to resolve. 

Roof Installation

Whether new construction, or tearing your old roof off and putting on a new one, this is the top layer and most essential to shielding the entire home.  We plan to be here for a while growing roots so there wont be any shortcuts on flashing or skimping on materials. This is why we boast a 7-year warranty on installations. Mostly residential and some commercial-type roofing.

What our customers are saying

Josh works very hard and very quick. He communicates the status of the projects and makes sure the work is thorough and perfect. I would definitely recommend Josh to clean my gutters when needed.

Leonard P. Charlotte, NC

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